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Will Tiger Woods ever win another golf tournament?

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Will Tiger Woods ever win another golf tournament?

If you watched or listened to the Tiger Woods press conference earlier this week, and then tuned into the medias reaction, you would have thought that Tiger Woods announced his retirement from completive golf.  

Personally, I think that the media, and fans have greatly overreacted to Tiger's comments made during his most recent interview. However, as well as intentioned people are, most have seemed to have written Tiger off for good. But even those who have written him off for good, still have a deep desire to see him return and be the Tiger of old.

However, I do not think Tiger is even close to being done with completive golf. Eventually his body will heal and he will be abel to practice again. Then the real test will present itself, will he be able put aside the last six years of disappointments and regain his confidence.

I do not think that anyone would argue against the fact that Tiger Woods is a smart man, and we all know now that Tiger does not want to repeat the past. After all this could be his last chance at a legitimate comeback. Following his last procedure, he admittedly returned to completive play too soon and his body and mind have paid for that mistake.

Will Tiger Woods ever win another golf tournament?

This time Tiger is not going to give into the personal, and external pressures of getting back into completive golf too soon. Which I can imagine has been an incredible struggle for him to deal with because completive golf has been the thing that has fueled, and motivated him his entire life.

But there is not doubt that the golfing world wants, and needs him back inside those ropes as soon as possible. But as bad as Tiger wants to come back, his return will be on his own personal timetable.

CLICK HERE for an in-depth look at Tigers various injuries throughout his career.

Since 2014, Tiger has had three Microdisectomies on the exact same spot of his back.

Will Tiger Woods ever win another golf tournament?

For those of you curious to know exactly what a Microdiscectomy is, please keep reading.

"Herniated discs, often caused by injury or trauma to the spine, result in pain, numbness and weakness in the lower back and legs. When a disc “ruptures” or is pushed out of place, it can become lodged against spinal nerves, putting pressure on the nerves that run throughout the length of the spine and into the legs. This compression of the nerves can have a major impact on your quality of life."

"A discectomy removes an injured or herniated disc from the spine. This is not generally the first line of treatment for spinal pain, but it is helpful in cases where the patient is suffering from constant and severe pain and numbness for a long time. The procedure, also called decompression, relieves the pressure put on adjacent nerves by removing portions of the bone or herniated discs pressing on the spine."

I, for one, hope to see Tiger take his time, rebuild his game and confidence, and once again be among the games best.

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