Chambers Bay Golf Course

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Chambers Bay Golf Course

The 115th U.S. Open Golf Championship will be hosted by Chambers Bay Golf Course, one of the newest and best public golf course in the United States. Chambers Bay Golf Course is located in University place, Washington just a short drive from downtown Seattle. This upcoming event marks the first time that the U.S. Open will be held in the Pacific Northwest.

Over the past few months, many have voiced their concerns over the course being awarded the most prestigious golf tournament in the United States, but I believe that the golf course will silence the critics come June 17th.

To put it simply, this championship golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones II is truly original and magnificent. Its architecture and design are unique, and Jones makes great use of the mesmerizing coastal location and the rolling terrain. Also, his use of obstacles is sublime with the mixture of the obvious and the unknown coming together seamlessly to create a gem.

The fairways are huge, undulating and at times unforgiving with many a great shot getting a bad bounce which may leave many facing uneven lies and tricky second shots into the large, gentle undulating greens.

Sand dunes and bunkers complement, and frame each and every hole, presenting golfers with challenges both visual and mental.

One thing is for sure, the combination for one of the biggest tournaments in the world. But it is the sheer beauty and elegance of the Puget Sound that really gives this golf course the sense of grandeur and mystery.

It is the visual impact of the golf course with the large bunkers, imposing sand dunes and meandering fairways that really catches the imagination of the viewing public, but it will be the lucky few that get to test their skills and wits against this stunningly beautiful golf course, which blends naturally and effortlessly into its surroundings, whilst providing a haven for natural wildlife, which includes the famous Bald Eagle.

The course is about a standard length for a championship venue measuring in at 7585 yards, but the length will not be the biggest challenge that the pros face when they tee it up here. The major influence on this golf course has to be the highly unpredictable wind.

The coastal winds, in this part of the world are ever changing and if strong enough will batter the greatest players in the world. At times it seems as though the wind is circling above your head as you stand over your ball trying to judge exactly how it is going to affect your shots and I think that this will be the beauty of the tournament, the wind factor.

The course on its own will be a test and will not be bullied, but if the wind is up and whirling around then the player that can judge its effect with the greatest accuracy will come out the winner on this truly fantastic golf course.

I have long been a fan of the British Open for its unpredictable and vulnerability and this will be a US Open that will resemble the greatest of tournament and have professionals squirming at all times.

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