Harbour Point Golf Club

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In this post, we would like to share our experience from a recent round of golf played at Harbour Point Golf Club in Mukilteo, Washington. Harbour Point is just 1 of 11 Seattle golf courses managed by OKI Golf. We hope you enjoy.

Harbour Point Golf Club

Par-4 11th hole, which offers breathtaking views of the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains before plummeting over a steep ledge down to the hole’s postage stamp green.

Date Played: 01/27/2015

Harbour Pointe Golf Club is a course that I have heard many good things about ever since I moved to the Seattle area. Located in Mukilteo, this challenging Arthur Hills design will provide you with a good test, a relaxing atmosphere and superb views of the Puget Sound. I enjoy Arthur Hill's course designs because he always offers a variety of par-4's, challenging par-3's and reachable par-5's, and Harbour Pointe Golf Club is no exception.

Hole 1 is a 384 yard, par-4 and is an easy starting hole. Its traditional dog leg to the right design rewards a conservative tee shot to the middle, or right side of the fairway with the best angle into the green. 

Hole 2 is a 443 yard, par-4 gives you a wide fairway but with trouble lurking short left, you will be best served by leaving the driver in the bag and taking a fairway wood off the tee. 

Hole 3 is a challenging 200 yard, par 3 that demands a 175 yard carry to reach the massive green complex. My advice would be to make sure that you get pin-high with your tee shot. Par is a good score on this hole.

Hole 4 is the first of the four par-5's at Harbor Pointe. This hole stretches only 506 yards but requires an accurate tee shot to the left side of the fairway to give you the best angle into the green. This hole offers a great opportunity to "get one back."

Hole 5 is the toughest ranked hole on the golf course. It is a 435 yard, par-4 and plays extremely difficult if you do not hit the fairway with your tee shot. My advice would be to find the fairway by any means necessary and if you miss, take your medicine and get back into play.

Hole 6 is 515 yard, par-5 that is pretty straight forward golf hole. You may not want to hit your driver off of the tee on this hole if you have the distance to reach the hazard that runs across the fairway, but any lie in the fairway will give you a good look at the green and maybe a good chance at birdie.

Hole 7 is only a 177 yard, par-3 but it offers a two tiered green complex and when the pin is on the back tier it offers one of the most demanding tee shots that I have ever faced. With water along the entire right side, you must play your tee shot to the front left portion or middle of the green. If you make birdie here, you will feel like you have stolen one.

Hole 8 is a 347 yard, par-4 is one of the more "tight" tee shots at Harbour Pointe. A hazard that requires runs across the fairway requires a tee shot that carry at least 200 yards and favors the right side. 

Hole 9 is a 442, par-4 that doglegs sharply to the left. You have wide fairway to hit at, but this hole definitely favors a right to left shot shape.

Hole 10 is a 527 and another straight forward par-5 where you can hit driver off of the tee if you shape your tee shot from left to right. If you decide to go at it in two shots, be mindful of the hazard short, right of the green. Otherwise a good three shot hole that rewards accuracy.

Hole 11 is the signature hole at Harbour Pointe Golf Club. This 395 yard, par-4 offers tremedous views of the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains. A fairway wood off of the tee will leave you with a downhill approach to a small green.

Hole 12 is a 176 yard, par-3 that is downhill all the way. My only advice on this hole would be to avoid the right side at all costs. 

Hole 13 is a 361 year, par-4 that favors and iron off of the tee. This is a second shot hole to a two tiered green complex that will favor being on the same level as the pin.

Hole 14 is a 425 yard, par-4 that gives you a little more room off of the tee so you can choose to hit your driver or fairway wood here. If you can hit the fairway, the second shot does not offer much of a challenge.

Hole 15 is a 424 yard, par-4 is another hole that offers you a little more room to hit your driver off of the tee. This hole favors a second shot that carries to the pin, so do not try to run one up to the green here.

Hole 16 is a 154, par-3 This hole is not complicated. I have no advice to offer. 

Hole 17 is a 426 yard, par 4 offers you choices off of the tee. Driver or fairway wood will leave you with a second shot with a forced carry to an elevated green.

Hole 18 is a good closing hole. It is a 524 yard, par-5 that rewards an aggressive tee shot with your driver between the tree in the middle of the fairway and the right side of the fairway. If you don't choose to play this hole aggressively with driver, tee off with a fairway wood and then play your lay up shot to the right side of the fairway. This is a good three shot hole that offers a good opportunity to close strong with a birdie.

Overall, Harbour Pointe Golf Club offers a relaxing round, with great scenic views and a moderate challenge as long as you know where, and how to manage your missed shots.


Harbour Pointe Golf Club
11817 Harbour Pointe Blvd
Mukilteo, WA 98275
(425) 355-6060 

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