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How to use a Golf Scorecard Holder?

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How to use a Golf Scorecard Holder?

The Scorecard Holder has long been an essential for any competitive player, but even the average golfer can benefit from using a scorecard holder during their golfing rounds.

In the last ten years, GPS technology and laser range finders have virtually eliminated the need for any amateur player to ever use a Yardage Book. A yardage book is a guided hole-by-hole map of of a golf course, usually provided to most Touring Professionals at every tournament. Some golf courses still offer them to the public. But these items tend to be looked at as more of as a keepsake to remember your round, rather than a tool to utilize during play.

However, no technology has yet to provide a better way for golfers to keep score, record stats and take detailed notes form their round than the old fashioned scorecard. But where do you keep that scorecard during your round of golf? 


How to use a Golf Scorecard Holder?

If you utilize a golf cart during play, then you probably use the steering wheel as the place to secure your scorecard and record all of your scores. This sounds nice and neat in theory, but most of us have experienced the mysterious disappearing pencil, or accidentally engaging the clip holder and your scorecard goes flying away with the wind, or worse yet, it starts to rain.


How to use a Golf Scorecard Holder?

Just look at all of those features! But when you utilize a push cart, placing your scorecard into the console area is the only option offered. And when you are ready to record a score, or note you must open the console, get the scorecard out, find the pencil, record your score, or note, and then re-open the console to out the scorecard away for safe keeping. With all of the benefits and features that the push cart offers, we wish there was a better way to make this process easier and to protect your scorecard from the elements.


How to use a Golf Scorecard Holder?

If you enjoy your round while carry your own golf bag, you will run into even more challenges trying to keep consistent track of your scoring and notes during your round. Typically your only option is to place your scorecard into one of the pockets of your bag, only to be stabbed repeatedly by your pencil when trying to rustle the card in and out of your golf bag. Also, carry bag offer limited protection from the elements.


How to use a Golf Scorecard Holder?

Most of us probably don't utilize the services of a caddy to carry our golf bag when we play a round of golf. But in this instance, where do you keep that scorecard? Does the caddy keep score? Does he also write down your swing thoughts, or noted for the round? 


The scorecard holder has long been a trusted solution of every Touring Golf Professional in the world, and it can be a very useful tool for any golfer regardless of skill level. 

How to use a Golf Scorecard Holder?How to use a Golf Scorecard Holder?How to use a Golf Scorecard Holder?

One of the most important benefits of the scorecard holder is that it fits neatly, and securely into your back pocket which allows for quick and easy access to your scorecard, yardage book and notes. 

Also, another important benefit is that the scorecard holder protects against the elements, like rain and sweat. Not to mention that fact that adding a scorecard holder to your back pocket will give you the esteemed look of a professional, whether or not you have the game to back it up.

In addition, the scorecard holder makes for a unique gift idea for the golfer that has everything and likes to take notes during their round.

In conclusion, no matter what your skill level or method for carrying your golf clubs, any golfer can benefit from adding a scorecard holder to their back pocket.

Do you use a golf Scorecard Holder?

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