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Ideas for Personalized Leather Gifts

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Ideas for Personalized Leather Gifts

Everyone enjoys receiving a gift. However, receiving a personalized gift makes the experience much more special.

Most of the items we make on a daily basis are personalized in some way, and while some of our customers know exactly what they want, others often request ideas or inspiration to make their item special.

So we decided to create a list of some of the most popular options to consider when you order your next personalized gift. 


When it comes to giving a gift, adding personalization shows that you’ve put some thought into it. Because you have have made the item personal to the recipient, it will become a keepsake for years to come, and will constantly remind them of you and how thoughtful you are. 

However, how you choose to personalize the item is completely up to you. To begin you must consider the nature of your relationship, as well as the recipients’ style and preferences. 


Ideas for Personalized Leather Gifts

The most popular way to to personalize any item is to add the recipients initials or name to the item.

Think of giving a wallet to your Dad with the initials of his grandchildren on it. Or giving your wife a golf scorecard holder with your children's initials on it.

Ideas for Personalized Leather Gifts


Another popular way to to personalize an item is to add a logo that is personal to the gift recipient. 

Ideas for Personalized Leather Gifts

Think of sending a gift to your friend as a way to say thank you for the inviting you to play in their Member Guest Tournament, commemorate your Club Championship victory or your first hole in one.


Another idea to add a more personal touch is to personalize the gift with a date that has special significance for the gift recipient. 

This date could be a birthday, wedding anniversary or another significant event.

Ideas for Personalized Leather Gifts

For a spouse or partner, think about a message that has special meaning for the two of you. 


Is there place or destination that has a special significance to the recipient? Think the location of a wedding ceremony, the place where you first met, or had your first date. Maybe the location of your favorite vacation destination.

Whatever the destination, some of our customers will take their favorite location or address, convert it into latitude and longitude coordinates and we will engrave that for them.

If you're wondering how to obtain latitude and longitude coordinates, you can access them by clicking HERE


Our personalization process is quick and easy;

There is a custom product builder available on every product page on our website where you have the ability to select your personalization options such as adding text, and or a logo, choosing the sizing and placement, as well as the font type and color.

You will then be able to view a rendering of the item with your custom options before placing the order. 

Ideas for Personalized Leather Gifts

Also, all custom order take approximately 5-7 days to be completed. 


We use a process called laser engraving to inscribe the personalization onto the material surface. This process burns the personalization into the material, very similar to the branding process. We then offer the option to add color-fill to the engraving. 

Engraving Genuine Leather Gifts Personalization

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