How To Add Custom Personalization and Logos???

Posted on March 31, 2016 by Daniel Pusilo | 0 comments

We opened the Custom Shop to give our customers the ability to easily create unique items with a personal touch.

Customers have the option to add custom personalization and logos to any item on our website. If you choose to add personalization you can then choose the personalization font type and placement. If you also want to add a logo, you can email your logo files to us with specific instructions for logo sizing and placement. 

 Once the order has been place, and the specifications have been confirmed, we will then proceed to fulfill the order via a process called "laser engraving." 

You can view the laser engraving process by watching the video below:

You can see in the video that a high powered laser rapidly engraves the custom logo into the brown alligator leather exterior without damaging the surrounding leather surface.

We have used the engraving process to make unique tee gifts for golf events and trips, groomsmen gifts, as well as custom scorecard holders & yardage book covers for touring professionals and their caddies.

The cost per personalization and logo is $10, and the turnaround time is approximately (5) days.


Due to the porous nature of the leather, we do not offer color fill for the engravings. As a result the engravings are the natural color of the underside of the leather. However, some of our leather styles have more of a color contrast than others, which we try to accurately represent on the product page.

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