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How to gamble on the golf course...

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Lets face it, everyone wants to know what it feels like to putt for $ on the final hole of the day. Which is why we decided to share a list of our favorite gambling games for your next round of golf;


In a Nassau bet, there are three separate bets in an 18 hole match; a bet for the front 9 holes, a bet for the back 9 holes and a bet for the overall 18-hole match.

Each bet can be any amount, and typically the amount of money is the same for each bet. (For example, $5 for the front 9 holes, $5 for the back 9 holes and $5 for the overall 18 hole match.) However, you can adjust the amounts as you see fit. (For example, $5 for the front 9 holes, $5 for the back 9 holes and $10 for the overall 18 hole match.)

Finally, any type of scoring can be used for your round; stroke play, match play, scramble, alternate shot, and can be played in singles or teams. 


In a Skins game, you play stroke-play against any amount of players and there is a separate bet on each hole. Also, none of the holes can be won with a tie.

In the event of a tie on a hole, the value of that hole is carried over and added to the value of the following hole. When a skin that is carried over is finally won, the following hole goes back to the original value of the skin.

The amount that you choose to play for per hole can be any amount. Many times each participant will throw $5, $10, $20 into the pot and the skins are calculated after the round is over. 


In a Sixes match, you team up with a different teammate for three separate 6 hole matches in which there is separate bet designated for each match.

Again, the amount that you choose to play for per hole can be any amount. 

 4. WOLF  

In a Wolf match, a group of four golfers take turns being "The Wolf." The Wolf then chooses whether to play the hole alone, 1-vs.-3, or choose a partner and play it 2-vs.-2.


You will need to set a teeing order on the 1st tee box. It doesn't matter how you decide this order, but the players will follow this order all day. The golfer who tees off first on each hole is the "Wolf" for that hole, and the person, or team with the lowest better ball score wins the point for that hole.

When the group reaches the tee box, the Wolf has to decide to "go it alone," which they must announce before anyone tees off on the hole. Or the Wolf can decide to choose a partner. However, the "wolf" must announce his decision after the player has played and before the next player has played. If the Wolf does not choose to "go it alone" or select a partner after the 2nd and 3rd players have played, then he will take automatically take the 4th player as his partner for that hole. 

Any monetary value can be assigned to each point in this game. However, the point played for per hole can change depending on whether the Wolf decides to "go it alone" or has a partner for the hole.

  • If it's 2-vs.-2, then the golfers on the winning side each win the bet for that hole.
  • If it's 1-vs.-3, the Wolf wins double or loses double for that hole.
For example, let's say that we are betting $1 per hole;
  • If the Wolf partners, for a 2-vs.-2 hole, then the golfers on the losing side both pay $1 to each of the golfers on the winning side.
  • If the Wolf decides to play the hole alone, then the Wolf wins $2 from each of the three golfers on the other side, or loses $2 to each of them.

 A tie score on any hole is declared a "push" and no money changes hands.


High- Low Ball is a simple, but fun game that is designed for a foursome split into 2-person teams.

There are 2 points available per hole and and a team can earn 1 point for the better "low" and "high" scores on each hole.

Once play on each hole has concluded, the two sides compare their respective low scores, as well as their respective high scores and receive a point for each. In the event of a tie, then no points is awarded. 

For example, let's say that we are betting $1 per hole;

Team 1 is made up of Golfers A and B; Team 2 is made up of Golfers C and D.

  • Hole 1, Golfer A makes 4 and B makes 7; Golfer C makes 5 and Golfer D makes 6.
  • Team 1's low score is 4; Team 2's low score is 5. Team 1 wins the low ball point for Hole 1.
  • Team 1's high score is 7; Team 2's high score is 6. Team 2 wins the high ball point for Hole 1. 

Again, any monetary value can be assigned to each point in this game.

Happy Gambling!!!

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